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Brent Pump Works - Sprinkler System, Well Pumps, Commercial Irrigation Systems, Water Filtration

Great relationships change lives in amazing ways.

As a young man, the greatest blessing I could have received was that of the experiences involved in being raised on a farm in Colorado. Some of my best memories involved building new relationships and working together as a community to serve and help one another.

Some years later, our passion to serve our community was expanded as we purchased a local well drilling company allowing us to bring the needed resource of fresh drinking water and related repair services to our neighbors in the community.

In 2004, seeking to move closer to family, we relocated to Palm City, FL where we have since continued the family tradition of helping our neighbors with all things relating to water.

Whether  you are seeking to become the water solution hero today or would simply enjoy connecting with us we look forward to being in your service and building  a great friendship along the way.

Terrell & Patty Brent and the Brent Pump Works family.

How Innovation = Great Value

Over the years our focus has always been about one thing, relationships. Our unique value is realized when we have an opportunity to simplify your life thru innovation which allows you to spend more time doing the things you love to do.

Our experience commonly allows us to provide unique innovations that automate the management of our water-related services. Additionally, we help you cut costs by extending the time between the need for service by using a design process and higher quality parts that create the maximum level of efficiency even though it means our profit is a bit less.

For example, is that lower-cost, made-in-China, replacement capacitor, most contractors use to complete a pump starter repair, which often ensures the contractor an additional repair in as little as one or two years truly a good value? Or what about the contractor who bills you for a new pump motor when the start capacitor could have been replaced for a fraction of the cost? 

In that same repair example, our customers know our value is found in the often unseen way we look out for their best interest through the replacement of only the parts necessary and continual research and use of the highest quality capacitors or other parts which can often have double or more the life expectancy and also minimize the energy costs associated with the pump equipment.