Artesian Well Abandonment Service – Artesian Well Plugging Capping

Artesian Well Abandonment Service – (Artesian Well Plugging or Capping)

Our Artesian Well Abandonment Services and Artesian Well Plugging Solutions are available to municipalities and customers in Indian River (Vero Beach), St Lucie (Fort Pierce – Port St. Lucie), Martin (Stuart – Palm City), and Palm Beach (Jupiter – West Palm Beach), and other nearby Counties within Florida.
We are a trusted vendor serving companies like Next Era Energy – FPL, local municipalities, and area customers with Artesian Well Abandonment Services.    You’ll enjoy service that is timely and beneficial to achieving your water management goals.

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The Artesian Well Abandonment Process

We begin by taking measurements to divert or reduce the flow of the active artesian well or spring.
Next, we insert a PVC pipe or drill rod into the artesian well casing and then pump a high-density grout containing bentonite down into the opening to the bottom of the well. The bentonite cement mix continues being pumped to a point where it has reached the land surface. In cases where necessary, we pack using a pressure grouting technique.
In cases where the casing may already be corroded, we may also perforate some of the casing to allow the bentonite concrete mix to flow into the annulus ensuring complete artesian well capping or plugging.
Finally, the Artesian Well plugging process involves a thorough inspection of the surface and surrounding borehole area to ensure there is no leakage and that the Artesian Well has been fully sealed.

Purpose of Artesian Well Abandonment

Many Florida Counties have Artesian Well Abandonment programs. These Programs are put in place to monitor and regulate the discharging water of an Artesian Well (also commonly called a free-flowing well) for several reasons.
First, these free-flowing wells originate from a deeper part of the Florida aquifer system. As such, they can in some locations include an increased level of salinity. An uncontrolled release of this salinized water can adversely affect other water sources and surrounding ecosystem.
Additionally deteriorated well casing can allow poor quality water to move up and release into upper levels of the aquifer which may be used for drinking water supply.
And lastly over time to many uncontrolled releases of Artesian Well Water can deplete the water table reserves necessary to supply a fresh water supply to the local population and ecosystem.
This is why most county water management districts promote public participation in identifying problem free-flowing wells and provide assistance in controlling such wells.

Frequently Asked Questions about Artesian Wells (Free-flowing Wells):

What is an Artesian Well?
So, you might be asking, How does an Artesian Well work?
An Artesian Well derives its water source from an artesian aquifer which is a confined aquifer with groundwater which is under positive pressure.  This pressure causes the water to rise naturally.  In cases where the water pressure of the aquifer is sufficient enough to push the water above the ground level, this is called a free-flowing artesian well.
Aquifer with Artesian Well_Florida
How can I tell if my Artesian Well Pump Systems are not Working?

Artesian Wells that are not free-flowing will require a submersible pump to pump the water to the surface.

When your Artesian Well Pump Systems are working correctly you may encounter these symptoms:

  • Limited Water Supply
  • Poor Water Pressure
  • Water Pump is continually running or not running at all

Here is a diagram showing the working parts of a submersible pump system

Submersible-Pump Example

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