How to Dig a Pond

How to Dig a Pond with our Pond Digging Service in Palm City, Port St Lucie, Stuart, and all of Martin County, FL
Pond Digging

Wondering How to Dig a Pond?  We will help you with the information and guidance as well as provide fast, friendly and informative quotes to all residential, commercial and municipal properties in Martin and St. Lucie County FL.

How to Dig a Pond Basics

  1. Check with your County regarding the permitting, design and installation requirements before beginning construction.
  2. Determine the primary purpose the pond will be used for.  If you will use it for watering livestock or as a drainage retention pond you may need a different design than if your primary purpose is for use as a recreational fish pond.  If you have more than one intended purpose the primary purpose should be considered for the pond design and pond construction elements.
  3. A soil analysis is essential to determine the soil permeability, the pond’s natural fertility, pH, and ability to retain water.  In some cases, a plastic liner may be appropriate.  Pond Configurations
  4. When a Pond is designed primarily for Fishing it’s design should incorporate as much irregular shaped shoreline as possible which improves the concentration of sportfish, increases fishing success, and allows for greater shoreline wildlife. See Figure 4
  5. When possible Pond design should allow for nearly complete drainage using a water pump or thru the use of a standpipe/spillway system which drains into a nearby embankment ponds.  This allows for pH balancing, fish repopulation, bottom improvement and vegetation management.
  6. Ponds intended for fishing should be dug to a depth of 8 to 15 feet, should be constructed with mainly edge slopes of 20 – 30 degree grades which will naturally balance the growth of vegetation, and should also include irregular bottom contours using rocks, tree limbs or by leaving less excavated areas to create structure where fish can congregate.   For more info on Pond Management visit: Florida Fish and Wildlife

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